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In lieu of a winter dance, student council is sponsoring TWIRP week, where “The Woman Is Required to Pay.”

Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

Instead of watching a guy plan out an elaborate event to remember, it is the girls turn. As opposed to Winter Formal, student council has a replacement called T.W.I.R.P. (The Woman Is Required to Pay). Girls asks guys if they will be their “TWIRP” and they participate in the week’s events together. TWIRP week is February 10-14.

“We got the idea from one of our member’s mom’s high school,” junior and student council member Kamie Lloyd said. “We thought that it would be a great way for girls to take the lead without the pressure of a dance. It’s not only a way for couples to to hang out in a new and fun way, but also people that are just friends. We thought it would let the guys take a break from paying and I’m sure they appreciate that.”

TWIRP week is similar to Homecoming week festivities without the expense and stress of preparing for the dance.

“I think TWIRP is a great way to spoil a guy you love or just a good friend,” sophomore Morgan Garrett said. “Personally, I would have enjoyed asking a guy to a Sadie Hawkins dance, just to see what the guy goes through in order to plan it all.”

Traditionally at the high school, the Winter Formal dance was an opportunity for the girls to ask the guys to be their date, unlike homecoming and prom.

“I never went to the Winter Formal dance,” junior Cassidy Fuller said. “I think TWIRP week is better. It could be really cute.”

Here’s a list of each TWIRP event:

Monday-Bring your TWIRP candy and a drink.

Tuesday-TWIRP Team (dress up in school colors) and dinner at Whataburger before the basketball game.

Wednesday-Twin day.

Thursday-Movie night on the football field.

Friday-Carpool with your TWIRP