Student seek study aids beyond school


Michelle Stoddart

Apps may be an immense distraction, however if the proper apps are elected, they may aid a students’ success academically.

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

School is more than merely going to class for a day. It’s a mix of homework, tutoring, extracurriculars, and more. With many students having a lot of stuff going on, there are some things that are making their lives easier.

For junior AP Language and Composition students, teacher Jasen Eairheart has a tip. His recommendation to students is a book, 5 Steps To A 5, that provides a guide to a getting a 5, the highest possible score, on the AP test.

“Towards the end of last semester when he gave that first apmc (AP multiple choice) quiz I realized I wasn’t as strong as I wanted to be with the multiple choice questions,” junior Samantha O’Brien said. “Mr Eairheart’s suggested the 5 Steps to A 5 because it gives great tips on how to manage time and the best ways to approach the questions. It even gave some practice tests for me to try.”

In math, there are several apps that some students use.

“I think they are good to do occasionally because they are less stressful than other things we do,” junior Preston Durham said. “I would rather play a math game on an iPad than work on homework. The games also help with basic math skills and can be good for first learning a subject.”

Yet another tool students use is the commonly known, Quizlet.

“It really saves me time when I’m having a difficult time finding the answer to a question,” senior Autumn Keefer.

This app helps sophomore Jaclyn Willis with other things.

“It helps me a lot with LAVA and memorizing flashcards without the hassle of writing them,” Willis said.