Southbound for soccer


Courtesy of Alex Hopkinson

The varsity mens soccer team will be competing in the Klein Showcase tournament just north of Houston this weekend.

Kevin Davis, Staff Reporter

After two weeks of winter break, most students are getting back into the flow of school. However, that’s not the case for the varsity boys soccer team. After three days of school, the team already has an extended weekend.

The team won’t be in school, but there are no days off as the team is competing in the Klein Showcase tournament in Klein, just north of Houston.

“The tournament will be tough, but if we play well we could have a good outcome,” sophomore Austin Van Wagoner said.

The Leopards have three games on their schedule for the tournament. Their first opponent is Katy Morton Ranch, then they will play Cy Creek, and their final opponent will be Klein Forest.

“I think we will do pretty well, but it is mainly a chemistry builder,” senior Daniel Sefcik said. “It will allow us to grow as a team.”

Despite missing more school after a two week break, players feel catching up on school work won’t be a problem.

“I don’t think missing more school after break will negatively impact school work,” junior Kody Fagin said. “Teachers are understanding when it comes to the make up work, so it won’t be that bad.”