Stay organized via a bullet journal

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The new year brings New Year’s resolutions, some of which include to stay organized, and a one way to do this is to have a bullet journal.

Sophie Starnes, Staff Reporter

With the start of a new year, many New Year’s resolutions are to stay organized. One of the best ways to do that is the bullet journal system created by Ryder Carroll.

There are three types of bullets: check boxes, circles, and traditional bullets. Check boxes signify any tasks that need to be done, circles represent events, and the bullets are added for any notes or ideas. These bullets are sorted by preference. Some people list tasks and events by date, and others keep track of everything by lists categorized by tasks.

For anyone desperately seeking a new organizational system, the original video, and the website are a great place to start, but be warned, the website is slightly daunting to scroll through.

The bullet journal begins with an index and the first entry made will be a calendar with the second entry anything that needs to be done that day. Name the entry and put it in the index, and- voila!- the bullet journal is in action. Feel powerful and productive as you check off everything that needs to be done.

Many people on campus find themselves swamped with loose pieces of paper including homework that needs to be done, papers that haven’t been turned in, and random lists with due dates and assignments. The bullet journal could be the answer.

“I’m doubling up on my math and science classes, so I have twice the homework most freshman have,” freshman Emily Belk said. “So it’s important for me to stay organized because it helps me plan ahead and feel less stressed.”