Santa Claus comes to town: an exclusive interview

Santa Claus comes to town: an exclusive interview

Tory Heruska, Staff Reporter

With Christmas fast approaching, The Red Ledger was able to spend a few minutes with the man who makes it all happen.

The Red Ledger: Santa Claus, are you really real?

Santa Claus: “I think the question of whether I exist or not is something that makes the holidays incredibly special. I don’t want to weigh in too much for one side or the other. There are smart and thoughtful people that believe in me and enjoy the Spirit of the Holidays and there are some who don’t believe. I try to give those people as much space as possible. Sometimes wondering about something is more valuable and fun than knowing the secrets to everything.”

The Red Ledger: How are you able to deliver all of those toys all over the world in one night?

Santa Claus: “I know this seems pretty unlikely to you, but we have a lot of help. Some countries do not celebrate Christmas on the same day, so we are able to space it out over a number of weeks. But even if we did have to deliver gifts to every child in the world on just one night, we could get it done. We’re only as good as our support system, but I must say that there are an impressive amount of people who help us get it done.”

The Red Ledger: What is December 26 like for you?

Santa Claus: “The whole operation runs on adrenaline for much of the delivery process. Honestly Mrs. Claus makes sure I get straight to bed after a night like that.”

The Red Ledger: Santa, do you have a favorite cookie?

Santa Claus: “Why of course, sugar cookies are my favorite. And make sure they have plenty of sprinkles on top.”

The Red Ledger: Do you have anything you want the children to know this year as Christmas draws near?

Santa Claus: “They better not pout, they better not cry, they better watch out, and they better believe that I’m coming to town on Christmas night with the present that will make their smiles as bright as can be. And yes, I really can see if you are naughty or nice. So be good kids.”