Holiday parties relieve the stress of finals


Olivia Griffin

Many classes are having parties to celebrate the upcoming holidays and to relieve the stress of finals.

Olivia Griffin, News Editor

Students on campus have been holding holiday parties and gift exchanges to lighten the mood of finals week and keep the holiday spirit on campus.

The Health Science class celebrated the season with a morning breakfast party and gift exchange during the first and second class periods.

“We brought food and gifts, and we are going to do a gift exchange,” junior Maddie Meaders said. “Someone brought a lot of Chicken Minis [from Chik Fil A].”

Without a major final examination and being a double blocked class, the group had extra time to put together a party during the week.

“We’re having a party in Health Science, and it’s pretty awesome, with awesome food,” senior Cassie Conarty said. “The best food here is the Chicken Minis. We’re doing a White Elephant gift exchange, and my gift is the best.”

During a White Elephant exchange, participants draw numbers and unwrap gifts that can range from candy, jewelry, and gift cards to gifts such as senior Shaylyn Scholle’s hand sanitizer.

“I donated it to the classroom,” Scholle said.

Some students, like Meaders, are attending multiple class holiday parties during the week. In addition to the Health Science, Meaders’ AP English Language class lightened the mood of the week by having an ugly gift exchange.

“Someone brought in a rocking horse that had a bunch of spider eggs on it,” Meaders said. “[Teacher Jasen Eairheart] brought it. I ended up with a painting that my friend did in second grade.”

Being the only boy in Health Science class, junior Elvin Thomas unwrapped an ironically unfitting gift.

“I initially got Cherry Blossom perfume and a Crunch bar,” Thomas said. “I was so happy. I felt like a little girl on her first birthday. I would have worn that stuff everyday. I ended up with eight Play-Doh containers, with many assorted colors.”