GoMAD hosts first winter concert

This year GoMAD will be holding its first annual winter benefit concert.

Courtesy of Anisha Srivastava

This year GoMAD will be holding it’s first annual winter benefit concert.

Savannah Whitmer, Lead Reporter

The founders have moved on to college, but goMAD continues to raise money and awareness of AIDS for children in India. The latest fundraiser, a concert Friday, Dec. 20 in the commons.

“The concert is where we go out and we’ll get people who will sing and perform,” sophomore and goMAD council member Steven Johnson said. “Then we’ll get them to come down and we’ll have people from college and high school, people from all different grades and ages and we’ll get them to perform downstairs in the cafeteria. I’m definitely excited. Last years’ concert was pretty successful, and so I think this one will go over well.”

GoMAD is a charity created in 2012 by graduates Arjun and Anisha Srivastava, who were inspired to help after a trip to India. It is now run by an appointed council, consisting of Maya Johnson, sophomore Steven Johnson, junior Gracie Barrett and senior Shawna Mattahil as the leader.

“Basically it’s an organization to help raise money for children in India to help them fight HIV and AIDS,” Barrett said. “So the concert is for a really good cause, I hope everyone comes out. I’m super excited. It’ll be fun, and I hope a lot of people turn out.”

In addition to the concert, there will be activities to participate in and concessions available. Tickets will cost $5 at the door. Many students will be attending, and the council is expecting a crowd.

“I think it’s a good cause,” sophomore Tate Thompson said. “Concerts are great.”

While Anisha and Arjun continue their work through Face AIDS at the University of Texas, Mattahil and the rest of the goMAD council are hoping to expand awareness and raise money with additional events in the future.

“We haven’t had an event for a while, and we’re starting back up, so we’re hoping a lot of people that have come to our past events will come,” Mattahil said. “Before, Anisha and AJ led it, and now I’m leading it. So a lot of their friends should come back, and then a lot of mine will come also, so hopefully the combined crowd will be pretty huge. I am pretty excited, because I have literally been working on this since August, and hopefully it goes pretty well. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”