UIL classification cutoffs released

UIL classification cutoffs released

Jessica Parrott, Sports Editor

While the Leopards will not know their new district until February, they can find out today which classification all school sports teams will be a part of starting next year.

The Leopards from now on will be 5A for all UIL sports.

UIL announced that they will be implementing a 6A classification earlier this year. It is not a super 6A though like many thought would come.

6A came out of the decision to split the two divisions of 1A. Therefore, what used to be 5A becomes 6A, 4A becomes 5A, 3A becomes 4A and so forth.

The cutoffs are listed below:

Conference Cutoffs

6A: 2,100 and above
5A: 1,060 – 2,099
4A: 465 – 1,059
3A: 220 – 464
2A: 105 – 219
1A: 104.9 and below

1A-4A Football Division I and Division II Numbers

1A Division I: 55 – 104.9
1A Division II: 54 and below
2A Division I: 158 – 219
2A Division II: 105 – 157
3A Division I: 315 – 464
3A Division II: 220 – 314
4A Division I: 686 – 1,059
4A Division II: 465 – 685