Fierce freshman fences


courtesy photo

Freshman Hannah Lawson is ranked as number 26 in her age division nationally for fencing.

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

Fencing is often known as the art of sword play, but for many, it is much more than that. This is the case for freshman Hannah Lawson who is globally recognized for her fencing.

“Fencing is a combat sport where an individual uses one of three types of mechanized weapons: foil, epee, and sabre to get touches on an opponent to score a set number of points,” freshman Hannah Lawson said. “I fence epee. In epee, the whole body is a target area that you can hit for a point.”

Even though fencing in not a well-known sport, it has been an important part of Lawson’s life for many years.

“When I lived in England my school offered a variety of clubs, one of them being fencing,” Lawson said. “I thought it’d be fun to try as it is quite unique as did a few of my friends. So when I moved to Texas, I decided to take it up competitively.”

Lawson has been fencing competitively for three years, and has been named number 26 in the under 17 age category globally.

“Hannah’s focus and commitment to practicing the sport and focusing in on goals she’s set for herself along with the support from her family and the club makes Hannah a good, competitive fencer,” fencing coach Michael Broussard said.

With Lawson heavily invested in her sport, fencing is not only a commitment for herself, but for her whole family

“It’s a financial commitment as we have to pay for travel, coaching, and equipment,” mom Alison Lawson said. “We travel monthly to different cities across the USA.”

Lawson travels often to compete in many different tournaments and to gain experience.

“I go to tournaments all over the USA and now internationally,” Lawson said. “I went to one in Cleveland, Ohio the first week of November and I am going to Grenoble, France the first weekend of Thanksgiving break.”

Even though fencing is a big commitment and takes lots of hard work and devotion, Lawson finds it is rewarding.

“I enjoy fencing because it is a challenge both physically and mentally and is a very unique sport,” Lawson said.