Parts of campus plagued by malfunctioning clocks


Ben Prengler

Clocks around campus have been malfunctioning, leaving students unaware of the time.

Lauren Payne, Staff Reporter

In some parts of campus, there’s no telling what time it is.  Since yesterday morning all classroom and hallway clocks have been off and not working in downstairs B hall, the gym areas, the commons and the cafeteria.

The origin of the failure is unknown, but is rumored to have to do with the power outage on Sunday, November 10.

“I don’t know anything specific, other than the clocks are often tied to either online services, bells, [and] even our PA announcements,” assistant principal Bruce Coachman said. “We have had issues for some time that we are trying to get resolved, but I don’t know exactly why they’re off. IT people are working on it and it clearly was not a quick fix because they were not able to get it resolved yesterday, so I don’t know why they’re not working.”