Black box format a success

Black box format a success

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Alyson Sudak, Staff Reporter

It’s All In The Timing was more than the annual show put on the by theatre production class, it was the chance to try something new. As in all theatre performances the show took place onstage, but for It’s All In The Timing  the audience was also on stage in what is called black box setting.

“Davenport [theatre technical director John Davenport] came up with the idea to put the audience onstage,” sophomore Catherine Hathaway said. “We knew it was going to be hard because we wouldn’t have as much seating. Doing two shows a night was an exhausting challenge, but people really liked it.”

While most theatre department productions involve students from all across campus, It’s All In The Timing is a one class show.

“The show was a combined effort of everyone in the theatre production class,” junior Ben Meaders said. “Every scene was student directed. We spent about a month in total on the whole show. I really enjoyed being a part of a show that we could call “ours” because most of the show was made with the majority of the work being done by students instead of our directors.”

With the audience sitting on stage, only 95 people were able to attend each show.  But despite the small audience, the black box setting received favorable feedback.

“It was very funny, and a lot of the parents, and a lot of the people who came and saw it gave us really really good reviews about what they thought about it,” Davenport said.  “They really enjoyed the interesting set up with the black box of being on stage, and I think that most of the parents are really excited to see if we do something different like this again.”

With the success of the show, there may be more black box shows in the future.

“We are trying [black box] out to see if we liked it, and I think we liked it,” said Davenport. “I now think we have a pretty good idea about what the pitfalls are, and ideas of how to make it better the next time we do it. We are definitely considering doing it again, we really enjoyed it.