One of the state’s best

Jessica Parrott, Sports Editor

He’s got hands for days.

The ball seems to be magnetically drawn to senior receiver Chochy Lucé.

The leading receiver in the Dallas area for 4A, Lucé has 50 receptions for 1,148 yards and 11 touchdowns (224 more yards than the second player in 4A and more than anybody in 5A) with an average of 23 yards per reception.

“It’s pretty shocking to me to be number one,” Lucé said. “I hope it helps me get recruited but honestly, the number doesn’t mean anything. The only thing that counts are wins.”

At 6’1” and 200 lbs, Lucé fits the profile almost perfectly of a high school wide receiver.

He not only has great hands but when he catches the ball, Lucé can run. With a 4.55 40, the senior is able to get down the field quickly.  His skills were on full display against McKinney North as he caught 10 passes for 286 yards and 1 touchdown.

“He is big, physical and sneaky fast,” receiver coach Ryan Preim said. “Chochy understands the game and what he needs to do on certain plays to get open. He is bigger, faster, and much stronger than a year ago. He has a better understanding of the offense and what we are asking him to do.”

Lucé has been on the receiving end of passes from two different quarterbacks this season.  Bowman Sells started the season strong but suffered a collarbone injury allowing fellow sophomore Dakota Michaels to step up.

Some would find this a challenge for a wide receiver, but Lucé sees it as a positive.

“Having two QB’s is good,” Lucé said. “For this program it’s awesome because it shows us that not one player can make a team. I feel terrible for Bowman but it’s good that we know how we can play without him. It doesn’t personally affect me because both of our quarterbacks are really good.”

Recently, Lucé was named as one of the top 15 playmaking receivers in 4 and 5A in the Dallas area.   Although he comes in at number 14 on the 15 player list, he has the most yards out of any player.

When Lucé catches a pass, fans yell, “hands for day”.

“Hands for days kind of started as a joke with my friends,” Luce said. “I guess it just really caught on.”

“Chochy has incredible hands and always seems to find a way to get open,” Priem said. “And when he is not open he still catches 90% of the passes thrown his way.”

Luce stands out on the field and off the field.

His numbers are remarkable and leadership is even greater.

“There is no doubt that he is a leader on the field,” Priem said. “He is the calming voice on the field when things aren’t going according to plan. He is also the guy that we know we can count on when we need a big play. Above all of that though, Chochy, is a leader off the field by doing what is right, and not always what is “popular”.”