Music should drop beats, not intelligence


Michelle Leddon, Staff Reporter

I’m a self professed music snob. No, I’m not saying that I’m better than you because I heard Mumford & Sons before they were selling out venues or because I openly think that Coldplay is overrated. When I like a band, I absolutely adore them. I’ll want to go to buy their entire discography, see them live as soon as they’re in the area, and know as much about them as I possibly can. I probably dedicate too much time and too much money. I think the connection between listener and musician is a significant one. As cheesy as it may sound, the relationship we have with the music we listen to can be one of the most constant in our lives.

Music is dumbing listeners down, particularly the younger audience, listening to songs about subject matters that not everyone can relate to. The most popular songs are about the glitz or the flashy music videos that are more memorable than the content of the song itself. The most popular music these days has little to no substance. Listeners can’t emotionally connect to “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke or “Rap God” by Eminem. Sure, they might be catchy or easy to listen to, but those songs are never going to remind me of the way I felt when I was a junior in high school and those songs were released. As a sometimes too angsty seventeen year old, I’m constantly looking for things to connect to on those gloomy days or the days or when I am overwhelmingly happy and couldn’t care less about the responsibilities waiting for me.

I’m not trying to say that good music is dead or that you’re dumb for liking the #1 song. I just think that our expectations of music is getting lower, therefore artists don’t typically have to try to impress audiences with their lyrics and musical talent. It’s understandable to download a few catchy songs just because you couldn’t get them out of your head, but music as a whole is shifting in a catchy, flashy, even shallow direction.

There is still music out there that has depth, meaning and provokes thought or emotion. Finding songs that you connect to and enjoy can be a bit of a journey, but they are certainly out there. It may not be the hit single on the radio, but it’s there somewhere and it isn’t dumbing itself down to impress listeners. There is music for everyone to connect to if they give it a chance.