Despite power struggles, school remains in session


Katie Curry

Despite brief power outages, the lights are back on and classes are running as planned.

Olivia Griffin, News Editor

Brief and irregular power surges have been plaguing the campus since about eleven this morning, with no official word from the power company as to the cause of the issue.

As of 12:30 p.m., the administration has not decided to cancel or delay classes for the day, meaning that school will be in session for the remainder of the day on a regular schedule, and after-school tutoring, activities, and practices have not been cancelled.

“In order for school to be cancelled, the power would have to be out for a sustained period,” Principal Gavan Goodrich said. “If we weren’t able to have class, and we had classrooms in the dark, the administration would use common sense in deciding whether or not to cancel school.”

While storms are expected for later today, the school has not concluded that the weather is responsible for the troubles with the power.

“I have no idea what is causing the lights to flicker,” Goodrich said. “I know they have been having some issues with the [Internet] network today, however, I haven’t gotten any email from the power company regarding the situation.”

According to the WFAA Regional Weather Radar, intermittent rainshowers and thunderstorms will remain in the area for the remainder of this afternoon and evening, which may cause the power surges to continue.

The last time one of the district’s schools had an extended power outage was in 2010 when the power went out at one of the district’s campuses for a sustained period of time.

“When we were at Sloan Creek [Middle School], we had the power go out for about an hour and a half,” Goodrich said.