Monsters in the closet

Monsters in the closet

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

Mayday Parade’s continues to dazzle listeners with their familiar pop punk style on their newest album Monsters in The Closet.  Overall the album was well-written and while it didn’t take many big risks, it’s obvious that the band is sticking to their guns and using their previous style to good effect.

Mayday Parade is known for their sound created by vocalist Derek Sanders, and it’s easy to see why;  and his lyrics are the highlight of the album. Tracks such as “Girls” and “Repent and Repeat” were likely written for the girls that follow Mayday stronger than their own religion, while “Ghosts”and “Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About” are classic Mayday, and contain the punk rock sound fans know and love.

While several Mayday albums in the past have been reiterations of the same classic Mayday formula:  Sanders’s poetry-like lyrics, signature punk rock sound, and just a dash of angst; Mayday proved they could branch out with this album.  The opening track “Ghosts” starts off with Derek singing in a capella while “12 Through 15” starts off with a voice over. Mayday Parade proves they are still capable of producing large rock ballads and teenage anthems in “Demons” and “Sorry Not Sorry” and produces their greatest rock ballad yet, “Hold Onto Me”

There are always those who relate everything Mayday has done back to their most popular album, claiming “Nothing will ever be as good as A Lesson in Romantics’’.  However, just because they had a killer album doesn’t negate the greatness of the new.  Monsters in The Closet gives listeners the signature Mayday sound kick and at the same time, proves the band is capable of branching out.  The best advice to listeners checking out Mayday Parade’s latest album – don’t be afraid of the monster in the closet.