If you look at the numbers…

Jessica Parrott and Austin Mitchell

The Leopard football team spent the 2012 season “shocking the world”. They won every game until the second round of the playoffs when they lost their first and only game of the season to Lancaster.

This year, after losing a big number of seniors, the Leopards are not undefeated.

The team has lost two district games, one to Wylie and one to Mckinney North.

A 2-2 district record doesn’t look like something to brag about, but when you look at the Leopards stats compared to other 4A schools, it looks a bit more impressive.

Senior Chochy Luce is the leading 4A receiver in the Dallas area with 40 receptions for 1,005 yards (208 yards more than the second highest) and an average of 25.1 yards per reception.

The Leopards are also second in team total offense with 1,550 rushing yards, 2,108 receiving yards and an average of 522.6 yards per game.

The Leopards are number one in team passing offense with 2,108 yards and an average of 301.1 yards per game.

In team scoring offense, the Leopards are third with 316 points for an average of 44.7 points per game.

Also, this season, Luce and sophomore quarterback Dakota Michaels both set school records against McKinney North.

Michaels broke the all time school record for most passing yards in a game (519) and Luce broke the all time school record for most receiving yards (286) in a game.

So when you look at the numbers, the Leopards are having a much better season than their record implies.


The Red Ledger’s Austin Mitchell interviews football fans about tonight’s game.