Annie audition results


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The cast list for the annual musical, Annie, was released October 19.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

The theatre program’s annual musical this year is Annie, a musical about a red-headed orphan girl struggling to find her family. The cast list is as follows:


Annie- Meredith Bergwall

Miss Hannigan- Rebecca Bradley

Lilly- Haley Brown

Rooster- Jak Barth

Grace- Gracie Barrett

Daddy W. – Jonathan McInnis

Mr. Bundles- Doug Laman

Pepper- Morgan Riddle

Duffy- Kamie Lloyd

July- Zoe Kahana

Orphans: Erin Vatteroni & Christa Murad

Appleseller-Bryan Allen

Dog Catcher-Brady Duke

Ward-Nate Wutzke

Man 1- McKay Walters

Eddie- Chochy Luce

Man 3- Patrick Compton

Man 4- Brandon Whitaker

Man 2- Blake Herring

Man with papers- Blake Herring

Hooverville Men/NYC

Men: Bryan Allen, Chochy Luce, McKay Walters, Patrick Compton, Nate Wutzke, Ryan Allen, Blake Herring, Ben Meaders, Trace Glorioso, Brandon Whitaker, Luke Scroggins

Woman 1- Rachel Jackson

Woman 2- Abigail Bouska

Sophie-Caroline Vitanza

Woman 3- Mallory Immel

Woman 4-Rachel Bradley

Hooverville Women/ NYC Women-Rachel Jackson, Abigail Bouska, Caroline Vitanza, Mallory Immel, Rachel Bradley, Madi Franquiz, Chrissy MacQuilkan, Gabby Glorioso, Caroline Smith, Sonali Mehta, Logan Stallings, Hannah Williams, Catherine Fink, Caroline Brugge, Olivia Whitehead

Hooverville Dance Captain: Caroline Vitanza

Drake- Ben Meaders

Cecille- Catherine Hathaway

Annette- Whitney Hyde

Mrs. Greer- Emma Holmes

Mrs. Pugh- Pierce Goddard



Servant Chorus- Cassidy Fuller. Caroline Smith, Caroline Vitanza, Rachel Bradley. Courtney DuVal, Haley Whitaker, Amy Bogucki, Blake Herring, Chochy Luce, Ben Meaders, Catherine Hathaway, Whitney Hyde, Emma Hyde, Pierce Goddard

Star to Be- Cassidy Fuller

Cop- Nate Wutzke

Usherette- Caroline Smith

Kid – Ryan Allen

Sound Effects Man- Chochy Luce

Fred McCracker- Blake Herring

Bert Healy-Brandon Whitaker

Boylan Sisters- Haley Whitaker, Courtney DuVal, Amy Bogucki

Roosevelt- Trace Glorioso

Ickes- McKay Walters

Perkins-Farren Barnett

Hull- Patrick Compton

Morganthau- Chochy Luce

Howe- Doug Laman

Judge Brandeis- TBD

Rehearsals will start Monday, October 21 and continue through the date of the show. Show dates are January 23-25 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.