All in the timing


Catherine Hathaway

Production class students Jak Barth and Amy Bogucki rehearse a scene from All in the Timing.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

Every year the production theatre class does an annual show. Students in the class learn about every aspect involved in putting up a show, from the auditioning process, to the final product. This year’s show is a series of short plays in a comedy called All in the Timing by David Ives.  The show takes the audience through a series of short plays about how different people deal with different situations, and how timing affects it all.

              The 2013 production show is student directed under the supervision of Jessica Brewster and John Davenport.  The class will be rehearsing almost exclusively in class and the show is expected to premiere at the end of November.

The cast list for this year’s production class show; All in the Timing by David Ives, is as follows:


Sure Thing

Directed by: Catherine Hathaway

Bill- Jak Barth

Betty- Amy Bogucki


Words, Words, Words

Directed by: Erin Vatteroni

Milton- Kamie Lloyd

Swift- McKay Walters

Kafka- Meredith Bergwall


The Universal Language

Directed by: Amy Bogucki

Don- Ben Meaders

Dawn- Haley Brown

Young Woman- Nicole Bartel


Mere Mortals

Directed by: Catherine Hathaway

Joe- Farren Barnett

Charlie- Erin Vatteroni

Frank- Amy Bogucki


The Philadelphia

Directed by: Haley Brown

Al- McKay Walters

Mark- Ben Meaders

Waitress- Haley Brown


Variations on the Death of Trotsky

Directed by: Brandon Whitaker

Trotsky- McKay Walters

Ramone- Brandon Whitaker

Mrs. Trotsky- Farren Barnett


English Made Simple

Directed by: Kamie Lloyd

Jack- Jak Barth

Jill- Haley Brown

Loudspeaker- Farren Barnett


Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread

Directed by: Ben Meaders and Meredith Bergwall

Baker- Ben Meaders

Phillip- Brandon Whitaker

Woman 1-  Olivia Whitehead

Woman 2- Catherine Hathaway