Students on their own for ‘fair day’


Parker Eakins

Although there is not an allocated ‘fair day,’ there is a Monday off that may be utilized by students as an informal fair day.

Michelle Stoddart, Managing Editor

Every year students and staff receive complimentary State Fair of Texas tickets.  However, one of the stipulations of the free tickets for students is that the tickets are only good on a weekday.

Some neighboring school districts alleviate this issue by giving kids a day off.  Often referred to as “Fair Day”, it’s not part of the schedule here on campus.

“When the calendar committee meets, they decide,” principal Gavan Goodrich said. “There wasn’t time for that day off.”

However, there is no school Monday in observance of Columbus Day, which for some people may be the perfect substitute for a fair day.

“We have a Monday off,”  Goodrich said. “And a half day, which both can be used as our ‘fair days.’”