A not so early release day for some students


Ben Prengler

Many students will have friday night school on October 11 due to senior skip day.

Olivia Griffin, News Editor

After an estimated eighty students skipped school on the first unofficial “Senior Skip Day” of the year, many students are now receiving the infamous little pink slips informing them that they are required to attend Friday Night School.

According to Attendance Clerk Judy Hise, approximately 45 students and almost 20 percent of the senior class will be spending this Friday night in detention.

“They’re not getting Friday Night School because of Senior Skip Day, they’re getting Friday Night School because they skipped school and left without signing out,” Hise said. “If a student left without signing out, that’s considered skipping and that’s why they get Friday Night School.”

Friday Night School is typically given to students with four or more tardies or who are absent from class without a note from a parent.


Some students such as senior Michael Henn are looking forward to Friday Night School as an opportunity to catch up on homework and their studies.

“I have a lot of work to do, so Friday Night School is a good opportunity to get it all done without distractions,” Henn said.

According to Henn, Friday Night School is much stricter than it has been in the past.

“They’re really cracking down on us this year,” Henn said. “It’s a lot different than last year.”