Orchestra to perform tonight


Michelle Stoddart

Orchestra performs tonight in the auditorium.

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

The middle school concert and chamber orchestra will be teaming up with the high school philharmonic and symphony orchestras for the first concert of the year. The concert will be Thursday, October 10 at 7:00 in the LHS auditorium.

“People should come to watch the concert because we play great music that they will enjoy,” High School orchestra member Shelby Hughes said.

The fall concert will include many songs that showcase the orchestra’s talent. However, most of the songs are the same genre.

“We are doing mainly classical music,” high school orchestra member Sarah Dunham said, “I really enjoy this because it’s very uplifting and very passionate. When we all play together it sounds really nice.”

For many, concerts are just something that many different groups on campus do, but there is actually reason behind them.

“The orchestra has concerts to showoff what the students have learned in the class,” Hughes said.

Without concerts, outsiders would not get the chance to experience how talented the Lovejoy orchestras are. Concerts also teach students a lot about performance.

“I suppose it will be really good,” Dunham said, “It will be a learning experience like every concert we have. It gives us performing experience.”

However, students do more than just learn from the concerts. It also seems to be a very fun event that participants look forward to.

“I love performing because it’s nice to know that people have come out to watch you play when you have worked so hard to get the music sounding good,” Hughes said.

The expectations for this concert is high, and much is anticipated.

“I feel like we have prepared very well for it,” Hughes said“I think it will go great! We are going to put on an amazing show,” Dunham said.