iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

From the new iPhones to the new iOS 7 update, many people on campus were eager to check out the latest Apple product.  The new updates brought many changes to the iPhone, including a vastly different display on all screens, a moving background, iTunes radio: an alternative to Pandora Radio, new photo-stream, new ring and text-tones, automatic app update, and new screen commands.

“I have the 5c, it’s so much faster and I love the different colors you can choose from, and its exciting because I never get the newest of the new phone,” junior Gracie Barrett said. “People thought the 5c would be super cheap because it’s plastic but it’s actually really durable”

The iPhone 5c is very similar to the 5s, but the differences between the two are hard to miss.

“I have the iPhone 5s, my favorite part about the new iOS7 is that all of my stacks can hold more stuff,” technical theatre teacher John Davenport said. “I also like the new colors; I think it’s a much cleaner look. And I love the fingerprint technology; it’s very convenient and protects my phone. It’s very easy to use”

While most students are welcoming the change, others miss the comfort of the old iPhone everyone knows and loves.

“I like the new update,” junior Lydia Fennell said. “But I think it’s dumb that it is so much like the Android when Android is Apple’s competitor.”

That could explain while some students are choosing Android phones.

“I choose the Android over the iPhone because to use the Android, I don’t have to do as much, overall it’s just easier to work with,” junior Jason Grisak said.

While Apple products have their perks, they also come with a lot of flaws that most students are no longer willing to deal with.

“Basically, the iPhone is just showy,” junior Sam Wallart said. “The Android has much better software, and can be used for so much more.”