Choir coffee house to showcase talent


Ben Prengler

The choir rehearses for the upcoming UIL competition under the instruction of Chris Mason.

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

Coffee. Community. Culture. The upcoming coffee house presented by the choir will include just that. A night with friends and family, live music from various genres, and of course coffee and dessert! The show will be on Friday, September 20th at 7:00pm in the LHS courtyard. All money made will go to the choir booster club.

“It’s almost like an open mic night you would see, except we have already picked the singers,” Associate Choir Director Chris Mason said. “People bring their lawn chairs and just sit outside and enjoy great music.”

Every singer not only had to learn and perfect their song, but was also required to audition in order to be considered.

“It’s students who have made a cappella, spotlight, and others who have auditioned to perform,” Mason said. “Its all choir kids with ridiculous amounts of talent.”

It’s not just singing that will be on display as live music is also performed by various choir students. Even though the songs and the performers are very diverse, the students participating have one common purpose.

“I think students do it because they love performing,” choir students Zoe Kahana said. “It’s something they really love doing so they are going to take every opportunity they get.”

This show gives students the opportunity to sing a solo in front of an audience and for the audience to be able to enjoy some amazing music.

“I’m really excited because it will be really fun to perform in front of other people and see what they are performing,” freshman Chrissy Mcquilkan said.

For many, this show is more than just a choir concert because it gives so many singers a chance to show off their talent in front of an audience.

“There is just so much talent,” Mason said. “People are ridiculously talented in this choir and we wanted to give them the opportunity to perform. The pop show, for instance, you can only put so many singers in one show and it was always so hard to choose so this is just another opportunity to showcase how good our students are.”