New schedule change procedure

Caroline Smith, Managing Editor

Schedules. One of the many things kids look forward to with each new school year. Each year every student receives a personalized schedule, but unfortunately not every schedule will end up perfect. Because of this, the school counselors give everyone a chance to change their schedule. For the 2013-2014 school year, the schedule change policy has been altered with Friday being the last day to ask for a change.

“The difference is last year we had four to five days where students could come to the commons and change their schedule in person and we got rid of that because if was highly inefficient,” school counselor Lance Hendrick said. “There were long lines, students were frustrated, parents were frustrated and it didn’t help the overall process in anyway. It was in a sense, bad ‘customer service.’”

According to many teachers and students, the new policy is much more quick, easy, and overall a much better process. Most are pleased with this change.

“I have not had the same number of students switch classes as in previous years, and they have switched classes pretty early so it has been pretty helpful,” science teacher Julie Johnston said.

Adjusting one’s schedule is relatively simple, and can usually be done in just one day. Students must start by picking up a schedule change form.

“We started on the second day of school passing out green schedule change forms,” Hendrick said.  “The form is simplified from last year. Bottom line is we are trying to make this whole process more efficient.”

Students must include their name, cell phone numbers, email address, course to add, and course to drop on the green form and then turn it into the counselor’s office. Students will then be contacted with a time to meet with their counselor and change their schedule.