Flipping the field

High school students, band, and Majestics moved to north end of Leopard Stadium

LNN's Carter Benno sits down with Principal Gavan Goodrich to talk about why the school flipped the students section from the south end to the north end of the main grandstand.


Jessica Parrott, Sports Editor

There will be a drastic change to the seating arrangements at Leopard football games this season. The band and Majestics will be moving to their own separate stands behind the north end zone and the student section will be following them, moving to the north end of the home grandstand.

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The idea for the change came from students themselves.

“Earlier this week I had some football players who went to a teacher and said hey can we get the students closer to the band and really make the atmosphere a lot better,” principal Gavan Goodich said. “So we looked at it and we moved the student section from the south side to the north side.”

In the past, the band and Majestics were in the stands closest to the south end zone, right next to the high school student section.  However, due to the acoustics of Leopard Stadium, many fans on the home side would often have trouble hearing the band.  That, along with providing a better fan experience were the basis for moving the student section.

“The thoughts that went into the decision to move the fans/student section to the north end really revolved around trying to build school spirit,” head football coach Matt Green said. “Putting the band on the field is a fun move as it will allow the home crowd to hear the band better and allow them to see the band members playing. In addition, moving the student section next to the band and the football team puts our “high school nucleus” closer together which will hopefully increase school spirit. I know the football team was excited to learn that the band will be on the field during the game and that the student section will be on our locker room end.”

Word about the move is just starting to filter through the student body, and while it will take some adjustments, most like the idea.

“It’s going to be a bit of a change,” senior Courtney DuVal said. “But I think it will be a good thing as long as the student body is willing to go along with it and be positive about it.”

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Football players see this as a positive move.

“I think it can only be positive,” senior football player Grant Jarvis said.  “It will be cool to have our fans right there as we run out of the tunnel.”

Green, like his players, is excited for what can come from this change.

“I think it has the possibility of positively affecting the players and games because the band is directly behind the north end zone at field level which allows them to be loud while our opponents have the ball,” Green said. “This can provide an advantage for our team if the student section and band make communication difficult for our opponents. I do see the move as a positive for all parties involved.”