Scouts end century-old ban

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

January 1, 2014 will not only mark the start of a new year, but it will also close a chapter 103 years in the making as on this day the Boy Scouts of America will begin allowing membership to openly gay youths.

On Thursday in Grapevine, TX more than 60 percent of the group’s National Council voted to end the century old ban for scouts as the new resolution “removes the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone.”

“Boy Scouts of America has the right to chose whoever can be a member, and I think that’s up to them,” sophomore Jacob Comerford said.

The sophomore Comerford triplets are each Eagle Scouts, and have all been heavily involved in scouting since a young age.

But while the decision to allow openly gay scouts is being debated across the country, at least one Comerford supports the decision.

“I don’t really see a problem with it,” Seth Comerford said.  “I mean, if they want to be in it, they should be able to be in it. It shouldn’t be biased towards straight or gay people.”