Wrong approach to right information


Michelle Stoddart, Staff Reporter

As the year is coming to a close and AP and state tests are around the corner, many classes are in crunch time for reviewing and studying. However, some class time is being taken up by mandatory presentations. These presentations concern relevant issues that affect student life, however, they are carried out at the wrong time, and in a way that does not interest students.

    This month will be the most stressful for many students. It is a crucial time for reviewing and studying for a plethora of tests that bombard students before the end of the year. However, during this same stressful periods the school scheduled two presentations for  students regarding social issues that may affect them.

    Unfortunately, these presentations do not have the desired impact, due to the attitude many students have towards them.  Before even entering the auditorium, many students have the mindset of being bored and not wanting to be there.

    This is an opinion that is not only allowed, but sometimes even condoned by the staff. Many of the staff resent that the presentations are taking up such valuable time, so they give students the idea that these are a waste of time.  That’s not to say it is the staff’s fault that the presentations do not have the desired impact.

    Many of the speakers that come to help students on campus better understand the important issues do not understand how to engage us, or show us the gravity of the matters that are being spoken of. Take for instance, the seminar on sexting.  This is an important issue but it was given by a man in his fifties. He began his presentation by calling anyone that had sexted ‘an idiot’. He then went on the misinform us, get totally off topic and lose the last little bit of interest the students still had. This presentation had the opposite effect than the one the administration had initially desired. However, if the presentation had included testimony by a student that had sexted, and he or she explained the emotional effects and other effects sexting may have, students would be much more interested and would have a better understanding of it’s consequences.

    The bad attitudes that the students and even some teachers have regarding these presentation make them less impactful.  Also, the terrible timing of the most recent speeches could be detrimental to the students performance on the nearing tests. Many of the issues approached by the administration need to be addressed for the good of the students, however, there are many, better, ways that the administration could go about these presentations in order for the information to be better absorbed by the students.