Store serves needs of school


Ben Prengler

By selling a set amount of cookie dough, students will be able to raise enough money to get a free prom ticket. Monday during all lunches there will a five minute presentation in front of the school store explaining how the fundraising will work.

Savannah Whitmer, Staff Reporter

The Leopard Store sells everything from prom tickets to spirit socks. But aside from just selling school merchandise, the store and the three women who work in it are in charge of most of the money that gets dropped off for any reason.

“We are just basically the center of the place that people need to drop off money,” administrative assistant Joelle Byrnes said. “We sell everything, we keep all the money straight and put it into the different accounts that it needs to go here. Mainly the money goes to purchase books or fund student driven activities.”

The store puts some of the profit from the merchandise towards the books that they offer to students who need to buy the required reading in English or AP classes.

“We put the student book orders in and they’ll order books for students who like the convenience of being able to just pick it up at school, instead of going to the bookstore,”  English teacher Roxann Ward said.

The Leopard Store is successful not only in selling merchandise for students and teachers in the district, but also has sold items to people across the country, despite not having its own website.

“We have lots of people in the district that buy the spirit wear,” Byrnes said. “But also, we even have people from different parts of the country want to buy stuff, because their name might be Lovejoy, or they have a school named Lovejoy in a different state, and they don’t have as cool spirit stuff as we do.”

Students can pick from a wide variety of spirit wear, buy tickets for any school event, or turn in money for school activities.

“We sell spirit wear, all kinds of t-shirts,  hoodies, shorts, or hats,” assistant store manager Karin Wortham said. “We sell prom tickets, we sell football tickets, theater tickets, homecoming tickets, etc. You can turn in any money, from NHS to English books. We have just about anything.”