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From books to social center, library use transitions for today’s teens

From books to social center, library use transitions for todays teens

Few people check out books from the library as recently it has become more of a place for social gatherings instead of a place to read or check out books.

“I think that there are some people who like to read who do check out books,” librarian Jane Schiller said. “But I also think that it’s a student center, and the kids can come here, and talk and socialize and feel free to be here, and it’s not just for the books anymore. Sometimes they’re on the computers and things like that, working, too.”

Students may not come to read, but many people still use the library daily. The couches, tables, and dozens of computers make it a comfortable place to work or talk.

“I think the library usage has actually gone up, I would say probably in the past two years, or certainly last year, because it’s much more student friendly,” English teacher Kathryn Pabst said. “There’s been a lot of changes physically in the library that makes it more friendly for kids to come on in and use that as a social arena.”

While many students can be seen throughout the day in the library, it is unusual to see anyone checking out books. Even students that like to read often buy or borrow their books or have an eBook.

“I use the library to study or if I need to print something off in the morning, or sometimes, in the morning, just to talk to friends, probably once a week,” sophomore Hailey Brown said. “I like to read, but I’ve never checked out books from the library, and I don’t really know people who do. But when I go in there, I’m usually just with my friends.”

The library is being used now more than ever but more often than not, it is used for social means, which can only be expected with the continual increase in technology.

“The library no longer has a separate function that is simply books,” Pabst said. “So that integration of social and media technology is important and I think kids are actually using it more. And I think they’re delighting in being in that environment, which will encourage them to do more.”

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