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Top ten ways to ask a girl to prom

It’s that time of year again. Not summer, not graduation; it’s time for prom. Throughout the whole school year, prom is always in the back of peoples minds (mostly girls). But for the few months leading up to the big day, it’s something that crosses people’s minds several times daily.

The girls will stress about who’s going to ask them, which dress will be perfect for them, and even what group they’re going to be in. On the other hand, the boys are mostly concerned with who they are going to ask and how they are going to do so.

The following list is a of the top ten ideas on how to ask a girl to prom. Some of the ideas will be more complex, but after all, girls are known for dreaming big. Other ideas will be more feasible for the average high school boy.

1. Sing a song. Whether it be her favorite song, a song thats catchy, or even a song that you can rearrange the words to be clever, just sing. If you have any sort of a voice, use it! Most girls will be so in awe, the word no won’t even cross their minds.

2. Create a scavenger hunt. This can be created for one day or even something that takes a week. This is an idea that girls appreciate, because they like to know that someone put in some serious thought.  Along with that, the suspense of a scavenger hunt is always fun to endure.

3. Write a letter/poem. This is another idea that takes thought and creativity. These days it seems as if most conversations are held through the use of some sort of technology. Therefore doing this will make you more original.

4. Incorporate their favorite hobby. You can incorporate something that you know they like to eat, places they like to go, etc. Use the information you have on them to your advantage! This shows the girl that you pay attention to her.

5. Make a sign. Wait for them where you know they will see you with a sign in your hands. It could be waiting for them to come home after a practice, in between classes at school, this can happen at various times. The key to this is nonchalantly asking them where they will be at a certain time. If you’re super clever, ask one of their friends that knows them well and coordinate with them.

6. Decorate their car/room. If you know the girl well enough, you can coordinate a time to go to her house and decorate her room while she’s out. If you know her but not that well, another idea would be to decorate her car. This way will be memorable to the girl because cleaning up decorations takes a while, especially considering she probably won’t say no.

7. Ask her at a school sporting event. This tags along with number 4 but is specific to sports. It could be her game or your game, or even a game that you both attend. Whether it be going to her game and having the announcer ask the question for you over the speaker, or even surprising her with flowers after your game that you know she’s coming too, it works. Doing it in front of people tells her that you want everyone to know that you are taking her.

8. Ask her at a professional sporting event. This goes along with number 7. If you happen to have tickets to go to some sort of professional game, this would be a cool ask for any girl. This also shows that you aren’t afraid to tell people that you want to take her.

9. Make a big scene. I had a friend who got asked by a boy who had a cop pull her over and make her think she was going to get a ticket. In pure panic, she was beyond relieved when he came back and handed her a note that was from the boy with the question “prom?” written on it. That is a very rare and a big scene, but smaller scenes are just as fun.

10. Surprise her. In someway shape or form, catch her off guard. You can drop her hints that you’re going to ask her and give her clues about that, but don’t tell her when or how you plan on doing so.  I understand the fear boys have of not telling the girl and so they say yes to someone else, so an option is to tell the girl you are going to ask them but don’t provide the details.

I’m only a sophomore so I’ve never been to prom, but having a sister who is in her senior year, upperclassmen friends, and attending a small school where pretty much everyone knows everything about everyone and everything, it wasn’t too difficult putting this list together. Later, closer to prom, I will again collaborate with my friends again and create a list of my favorite 10 ways that people ended up getting asked.

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  • A

    AnonymousApr 4, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    12) buy a nationally syndicated television channel for 30 minutes of time to call out your hopeful date and surprise her with an invite to prom seen by the entire viewership of that channel! AMAZINGLY NEWSWORTHY!

  • K

    Kris JohannsenMar 28, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    Thisarticle seems a tad bit stereotypical wouldn’t you say?

    Here is 11) Hey Girls if you want to go to prom with a guy ASK.