Ways to lose weight over the holidays

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

The New York Times proclaims that the average American gains one pound during the holidays. This may not seem like a lot, but most people don’t ever lose that pound. This means that five years from now you could be five pounds heavier simply from holiday weight gain.

However, there are also surprising ways you can reverse the “jolly” look and even drop a couple pounds by the end of the break.

  • Holiday Shopping–plan inefficiently. Walk from a shop on one side of the mall to a shop on the other. Outlet malls are you best friend this season!
  • Wait in line–when buying your gifts, find the longest line in the store and stand in that one.
  • Decorate–make your house festive! Set up a tree, string your own neon lights, and move boxes to and from the attic.
  • Meet Santa–only, have him sit on your lap. Then try to hoist him off using your thigh muscles.
  • Snowball Fight–needless to say, this can burn some crazy calories.
  • Light the menorah–without matches. Good old flint and sticks.
  • Spread Holiday Cheer–make cookies and walk them around your neighborhood to give platters of the deliciousness to your friends.
  • Go Caroling–and if you’re really wanting to shed the pounds, jog from house to house.
  • Mistletoe–set it up. ALL over. Make sure to take advantage of every doorway, because kissing burns two calories per minute.