Close encounters of the chiropractic kind

Arun Sethi, Staff Reporter

Seeing teachers at school for seven hours a day is plenty for most students, but sometimes there’s the unexpected encounter.  For some students, seeing a teacher outside of school can be weird.

“Anytime I see a teacher, I make sure to avoid them,”  senior Kasey Fagin said. “I make sure to hide until I know the coast  is clear.”

Senior Evan Bridges doesn’t have that luxury when it comes to her internship at  McKinney Spine and Wellness.  A place frequented by several teachers, Bridges often has  close encounters of a different kind.

“It’s always awkward when one of my teacher’s comes in and I have to give them therapy,” Bridges said. ” I along with them am not used to seeing them out of school and it can get uncomfortable.”

Although Bridges has to see teachers at the clinic, she understands  it is a part of the profession and she has to deal with the awkwardness.

“Having them come in repeatedly, helps ease the awkwardness,” Bridges said.

Unlike most students, she continues to learn from teachers when they aren’t on the clock.

“This helps me so much because being an assistant ,things like this are going to happen and it is good to learn now how to face them,” Bridges said.

One of the teachers that goes to McKinney Spine and Wellness is Elyse Hall.

“It has been awhile since I have gone there, but I mean it is not awkward seeing a student there,” Hall said. “Living in the same area as the students, I am bound to run into a student.”

And while the encounters with teachers can be  uncomfortable for Bridges, it’s nothing  compared to  what she encountered with a different patient.
“One time a patent came in without pants , because he thought it would help us,” Bridges said. “We made him put pants on.”