Uncertain future for Mitt Romney


Adam Schasel, Staff Reporter

The aftermath of a losing presidential candidate is never set in stone. As a whole, the Republican party will most likely spend the next few months doing some soul-searching: assessing just how former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney lost to president Barack Obama for the presidency. But beyond that, speculation centers on what’s next for Romney.

Government teacher Jeff Kear fears that Romney may be the next Sarah Palin.

“Four years ago, [Palin] was this big deal,” Kear said. “Now she’s a player in the party because of her popularity, and she carries a lot of influence without actually holding a position. I don’t think that’s a good use of him by the [Republican] party.”

AP United States History teacher John Connor says Romney will likely fade out of the public spotlight.

“He’s run for president twice,” Connor said. “Once you’ve lost in a general election, you’re usually done.”

Kear agrees that Romney is most likely done in his bid to become President.

“I don’t think he runs again in four years,” Kear said. “Once you’ve lost an election, you’re kind of tainted in that regard. But he did well.  I think that puts him in a position to be a spokesman for the Republican party.”

In an interview with CBS News, senior Romney advisor Eric Ferhnstrom said Romney will most likely take time off to spend with family.

“I think he wants to spend a lot of time with his grandkids,” Fehrnstrom said. “There was one point in the night when the results were still coming in, and he turned off the TV to play with his grandkids.”

Retirement is certainly an option for Romney. A veteran of both the private and public service sectors, Romney is worth an estimated $250 million.

However, before he retires, Romney may be called upon by his government once again. In his acceptance speech, President Obama said he wished to sit down with Romney and discuss the state of the country.

“In the weeks ahead I am looking forward to sitting down with Gov. Romney to discuss how we can move this country forward,” Obama said.