Weird news across America

Olivia Griffin, Staff Reporter

Sandwich Attack
A 50-year-old Nebraska man was arrested in early October for allegedly assaulting his wife with a sandwich. Local police, who charged him with disturbing the peace, arrived at the home to find lunch meat and bread scattered across the carpet. The man was reportedly drunk at the time of the incident.

May they Live Long and Prosper
The United Kingdom had its first Klingon wedding ceremony on October 20 at Britain’s first official Star Trek convention. The ceremony, which was the idea of the husband, a devout Trekkie, included a cake made of three Borg cubes and the chanting of traditional Klingon verses.

No Squirrel Soup Tonight
A man using a propane torch to cook a squirrel on the third-floor porch of his apartment in Holland Township, Mich., was responsible for starting a fire that destroyed eight apartment units and damaged two dozen others. The man reportedly was in the process of removing the fur from the squirrel in order to eat it.

The Talking Whale?
A new marine biology study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that a white beluga whale that lived in San Diego, California, for 30 years until his death in 2007 may have actually been capable of imitating human speech. One diver at the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal program in San Diego recalls a time when he was in the whale’s tank and heard the word “out”, assuming that it was a human rather than the whale. Researchers and fanatics alike are also recalling stories such as that of Hoover, a harbor seal raised by a human family in Maine in the 1970’s, which reportedly mimicked human words and even had a Maine accent.

A Driverless Car Accident
A bus rear-ending a parked truck is a relatively common occurrence. However, the accident, which occurred on October 24, has been making headlines because neither vehicle had a driver at the wheel. Police are still stumped as to why the school bus proceeded to roll down the hill, even though the driver had engaged the parking brake. No one was hurt in this accident.

Political Pumpkins
An underwater pumpkin carving contest took place last week in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  The champions, who defeated 42 other contestants, were two Floridian divers who carved pumpkins underwater in the likeness of presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in advance of Monday’s final presidential debate.