Fireball a favorite for fair goers

Stephanie Thomson, Staff Reporter

One of the most thrilling attractions at the State Fair of Texas, the Fireball is sure to excite. This ride is simple, yet, for some state fair adventurers, terrifying.

Any adventurous park-goer over 48 inches tall with 10 tickets to sacrifice can go for a spin. The individual sits in a cart with several other people. After all security measures have been taken to ensure the rider’s safety, the fun begins.

The ride is basically one huge vertical circle track and the cart rolls around the circle throughout the ride-speeding back and forth, higher and higher, upside down (where the riders are hanging), and of course swings a full 360 degrees as well. All this is being done at rapid speeds, with rows of riders facing each other, so they get to watch each other’s priceless reactions to the elements of the Fireball.

So for those thrill-seekers making the trek out to the State Fair of Texas, the Fireball is a sure hit, but ride it before loading up on fried foods.