Presidential debates begin

Adam Schasel, Staff Reporter

As the 2012 election enters its final full month, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are hoping to leave a lasting impression on Americans through their television screens.
Obama and Romney will kick off debate month Wednesday, Oct. 3, where the topic for the night will be domestic policy. Then the vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan get their turn to face off next, on Oct. 11, with the topic being both foreign and domestic policy. This is followed by two more debates on Oct. 16 and 22. Each debate starts at 10:00 pm Central Time and will air on all major networks in addition to being streamed online.
For Gov. Romney, the debates will be a chance to make up some ground.  Since the Democratic National Convention in early September, Obama has held a three to four point lead in the polls.  According to the prediction website InTrade, Obama has a 77.5 percent chance of winning his reelection bid.