What’s the verdict: #Burdick2012


Olivia Griffin, Staff Reporter

Senior Michael Burdick’s campaign to be elected as this year’s Homecoming King has proven to be the biggest political event of 2012 at the school.

Contrary to the stereotypical image of a Homecoming King, the aspiring video-game designer is not involved in any programs at the school and his hobbies include poker and video games.

“Normally, everyone running for Homecoming Court is a football player or a class president or something fancy, and I’m just a shmuck,” Burdick said.
Since responding to the call from his peers to serve his school, Burdick has compiled a campaign committee of the school’s brightest political minds, such as his campaign managers, seniors Adam Schasel and Laura Pitkin.
“It was mostly the idea of my [AP English Literature] class,” Burdick said. “It started as a joke, like, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Michael ran for homecoming King’, and then it snowballed into all of a sudden, ‘Michael, you’re signed up to run for Homecoming King’.”
However, Burdick believes that he has the qualities necessary to be the best pick for Homecoming King.

“I’m awesome and perfect in every way,” Burdick said.

For many students, Burdick’s nomination is a long-awaited change in Homecoming Court politics.
“We’re sick and tired of the same old people being voted for Homecoming Court and [Burdick’s] a real change to the system,” Schasel said.
Burdick hopes that, if he is elected, his reign as king will usher in a new era for the school.
“I bring the hope that any students, no matter their athletic capacity, popularity, intelligence, or ethnicity can be Homecoming King at Lovejoy High School,” Burdick said.
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In addition to changing the school, the campaign has also changed Burdick as a person.
“[The campaign] has inflated my already large ego,” Burdick said.
Burdick and his campaign crew plan for Burdick to dominate both the pre-Homecoming festivities such as Mr. Lovejoy and the Homecoming Court.
“I’ll try to make it quick and painless,” Burdick said.
Burdick and his supporters are not planning on making any friends on their rise to the top.
“[The other candidates] are going to cry like little babies,” Schasel said.