Beach volleyball becomes bumpin’ new hobby

Arun Sethi, Guest Contributor

Sand has finally arrived in North Texas. Sounds crazy, but it has become a popular attraction at the Village of Fairview. Beach volleyball has brought together many people.

“My friends and I make sure to go every night. It is really fun and a lot of people go,” junior Cameron Knight said.

Summer nights are filled with people of all ages meeting together at the volleyball courts.

“It is really cool to see that adults and kids are able to share a hobby,” junior Austin Welhouse said.

Lines have no effect on the many students that spend their summer nights hanging out with their friends or teams at the courts.

“Even though there is a wait, my friends and I still have fun because we do stupid stuff to gain attention,” junior Kasey Fagin said.

Despite all the horse play, the players still have their game faces on when it is their turn to take the court.

“We usually throw the ball to each other, but when its game time we get serious,” Fagin said.

Not only are the players playing for personal pride, they are also playing for additional time on the courts.

“The rule is: winner stays on, it is as simple as that,” junior Mitchell Compton said.

With winning on their minds, teams form strategic plans prior to the game to attempt to come out on top.

“During the day me and a couple of teammates go and practice to get better,” Compton said.

In practice the whole team is on the court but during the game only five are allowed at a certain time.

“My team usually carries 6 to 7, just enough to keep everyone happy and on their toes,” Compton said.

With the sport becoming so popular friends have had to make tough decisions because of the limited number of positions.

“At our bro-nights we hit up the courts and hold one on one games to decided which teams each bro is on,” Fagin said.

Beach volleyball is not taken lightly. Friends are lost and teams are formed.

“The duels cost me some bros, but it’s okay because I made the team,” junior Kyle Berger said.

After finishing out the rosters the teams decide to create the uniforms.

“My team and I decided to wear shorts and tank tops with our slogan being ‘suns out guns out’,” Berger said.

Before finally stepping foot onto to court, the last thing the team does is scout out its competition.

“I take one hard glance at my competition and I find out everything I need to win,” Welhouse said.

Beach volleyball may seem fun and harmless on the surface, but in the players’ hearts and minds it is about pride and satisfaction.

“I play to win and nothing else,” junior Kasey Fagin said.