Student’s acting career leads her to LA

Katie Curry, Staff Reporter

From every day student to performing star, junior Kacie Lynch, is experiencing more than the average high schooler.

Dancing was the break out for Lynch and from there, her passion for acting and music expanded. She went from dancing to acting and singing and the more involved she became, the more hidden talents she discovered and revealed.

“I’ve been performing ever since I can remember,” Lynch said.

Her first big performance was the Hart Elementary talent show which she sang in as a kindergartener. From the time between kindergarten and when she turned 10, Lynch seeked more than just a school talent show. Instead she wanted to see herself on TV. She wanted to be in commercials or be on a TV show to showcase her talent in front of a bigger audience. Lynch decided to drop public school to pursue her ambition of somehow being on TV, and she did.

“I booked the kids TV show “Barney” where my character name was Taylor, and I did several commercials,” Lynch said.

With more goals achieved there came many more desired, and many more oppurtunities for Lynch to be involved in. She soon had the oppurtunity to perform and sing on “Maury” for Americas Most Talented Kids and to even be a Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing featured artist where her music was played on Radio Disney and was displayed on Disney’s website. All this led up to the oppurtunity where Lynch got to open for the worldwide known artists,Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpson, at the Nokia Theatre.

So along with the self-driven passion, Lynch has more heart to it than just the fortune and fame.

“I’ve always loved entertaining people. I just love putting smiles on people’s faces and if that means singing a song that they can relate to or acting in a comedic show or movie that makes their day better that’s what it’s about for me,” Lynch said.

Along with major accomplishments in Lynch’s career there have been some bumps in the road. Lynch auditioned to be on the show “Modern Family,” but lost out to Ariel Winter for the role of Phil and Claire’s middle child.

Although she lost out on the chance to be on a hit television show, Lynch still has a lot going on.

“I have to miss school regularly to fly to LA. California for meetings so I try extra hard to spend lots of time with my friends while I am in Texas because I never know when I will be called out of town for a job,” Lynch said.

One of the most recent career oppurtunities in Lynch’s life was another ABC show “Work It.” After filming a pilot for the show, the direction of Lynch’s role was changed. This led her and her management decided that she didn’t want to be stereotyped as the person that the role would potray her as on her breakout TV show. But being who she is, Lynch left with her head held high.

“Filming “Work It’ was such a fun experience and it made me realize how much I loved acting and that being in the entertainment business was definitely what I wanted to do,” Lynch said.

As just a junior in high school, she has been able to be involved with all of these things and hopes that the opportunities will just keep coming. With a very long list of accomplishments, Lynch just wants to keep doing what she is doing to fufill her dreams.

“Disney has had a vested interest in me for the last couple of years and is trying to find a new TV show for me to star in. However, right now I would really love to act in feature films as well as work on and develop my first album,” Lynch said.