Thai brings pleasant surprise


Autumn Keefer, Staff Reporter

After never having Japanese or Thai food before, it is honestly said that the food at the Zenna-Dallas restaurant is delicious. Located at 1914 Laws Street in downtown Dallas, this restaurant is located in the same block as the Dallas World Aquarium which makes it an ideal spot when visiting downtown Dallas.

Upon entry, the host greets customers warmly.  There were a few bar attendees and a large group eating lunch there. Upon sitting, a friendly waitress asked us for our drink orders. Complimentary soup called Tom-Yum Koong Soup was brought within minutes of sitting and the drinks soon follow. The soup contained mushrooms, shrimp, chicken, tomatoes in lemon grass broth, and chili paste. It was spicy but was warm and tasted great. Within a few minutes, the waitress was back again to take the food order.

The waitress brought each guest a box filled with food. It contained fried rice, California rolls, animami (soy beans), a salad, and a spring roll. The fried rice contained eggs, tomatoes, onions, and chicken. It was hot when it arrived and tasted great, although it was not a food that was able to be eaten with chopsticks.

The waitress came back around with refills of drinks and this is where the first problem was encountered. The drinks were warm. Apparently, they must have poured a room temperature can of Dr. Pepper into the cup and then added ice to it to give it the appearance of a cold drink. Which it definitely wasn’t. It was gross but proved not to be the only disturbance of the day.

Midway through the meal, two individuals entered the premises. Minutes later, two police officers showed up and started interrogating the individuals. Soon, one of the men was found on the ground, handcuffed, with a police officer kneeling beside him. The man was getting arrested and the cop was reading the guy his Miranda Rights.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience at Zenna. Up until the warm drink, it was a hit as the food tasted great and the service was very quick and diligent. Zenna is recommended for anyone that doesn’t have a sushi allergy or is a frequent law-breaker.