Choir carols for fundraiser

Carly Parkinson, Staff Reporter

Each year, the school’s music programs use student fundraisers to sponsor their yearly events. Most organizations use other companies to help fundraise, but the choir program takes a much different approach to earning money with t heir holiday fundraiser: carol-o-grams.

“Carol-o-grams are gift, where choir students go to people’s houses and sing music,” choir teacher Bethany Green said. “If I was to buy a carol-o-gram for someone else, they would receive, one evening at their doorstep, 5 or 6 singers with a card and candy cane and the students would perform a selection of carols for them. It’s a performance gift for your friends.”

Carol-o-grams are a yearly tradition that began when the school opened.

“It started 5 years ago,” Green said. “I didn’t get it at first, because I didn’t think there could be great performances with such small groups, but I learned that when kids sing their best and smile, it sounds fine and it doesn’t have to be formal.”

Carol-o-grams are enjoyed by parents and students alike.

“I bought a carol-o-gram this year, mostly to support the program,” local parent Kaylene Veibell said. “It’s also a really good way to spread holiday cheer with good music.”

“I really enjoy carol-o-grams, and I look forward to them every year” choir student Cheyenne Larimer said. “I love caroling in general, and to be able to visit people who are really touched to have carolers visiting them in the holiday season. It’s really fun to see their reactions.”

Carol-o-grams are an entirely choir-sponsored program, and therefore differ from typical fundraisers.

“What’s great about it is that we don’t have any cost, so if someone pays 10 dollars for carol-o-grams, the choir program gets 10 dollars, as opposed to paying 10 dollars for some wrapping paper and only getting 3 dollars back,” Green said. “Plus, the kids get to use their gifts to spread joy in the community and have a really great time.”

Larimer, a choir and orchestra student, agrees.

“I like the choir fundraiser better, just because I feel that it’s a way for us to be able to use our skills to earn money,” Larimer said.

The choir will be caroling in separate groups on Thursday, December 8th and Monday, December 12th. Carol-o-grams are sold in the weeks before they are given, and can be purchased from any choir student during that time.