Myth vs. Reality: does turkey make you drowsy?


Darby Blaylock, Staff Reporter

As we come back to school yawning and sleepy-eyed after Thanksgiving Break, some may be wishing they hadn’t eaten so much turkey, because like grandma always said, eating turkey makes you sleepy. But does it really?

Sorry grandma but you are false yet again.

Turkey’s tryptophan doesn’t cause drowsiness, although the substance could possibly aid in the treatment of depression and multiple sclerosis.

Purified tryptophan is a mild sleep-inducing agent in many sleeping medications. But tryptophan can’t get to the human brain in large amounts when ingested; so no matter how many helpings of the Thanksgiving feast we eat, it isn’t the turkey that tires us out.

Some may ask then, why are we more tired after Thanksgiving Day feast?

It might be from lifting that heavy spoon full of stuffing to your face.