Myth vs. Reality: does cold weather make you sick?

Darby Blaylock, Staff Reporter

As the temperature goes down many people may have rising concerns about catching the flu. With the recent cold front passing through the area, some may get a little paranoid about going out in the cold.

In fact, many students may recall mom and dad saying, “don’t go out, you might catch a cold.” However, those parents would be wrong in saying that, as weather has no affect on your health.

It is a proven fact that more people catch a viruses inside rather then outside.

“Cold weather basically increases your chances to get sick because people are in close proximity and indoors. That makes transmission of infection more easy,” Shahzad Shaikh, a doctor of internal medicine at the Center for Family Health in Blackman Township said.

The flu or common cold spreads by person-to-person contact such as shaking hands or kissing.

More people that pile in a room to avoid the bitter cold, the better chance a person has a chance or catching a fast spreading sickness.