Catching up with Alex Royer


Alex Royer, Guest contributor

My name is Alex Royer and I’m in my freshman year at Florida Atlantic University located in Boca Raton, Florida. I went to Lovejoy High School 8th grade through my senior year and was unsure if I was really getting the education that was needed to prepare me for college. I came to college worrying about whether or not I would be able to achieve the GPA I had set for myself or even pass for that matter. I am now about halfway through my first semester and can gladly say that Lovejoy properly prepared me for my future, not only academically but also athletically.

I have the skills needed to study for tests and to write college papers thanks to the teachers and staff at the high school. I am also a part of the Florida Atlantic University soccer team and am very happy to say that I have started a few games as a freshman this year. The athletic facility and staff at Lovejoy equipped me with the right tools to succeed not only in the classroom but also on the field.

My intended major is Criminal Justice and thanks to the Forensic Science class that was offered at the high school, I was able to get a head start in the science part of this major. College has been a great experience for me so far but it goes without saying that it hasn’t been easy.  However, thanks to Lovejoy’s education, I am able to get through the tough times much easier and more smoothly than other students in their freshman year.