Kaden Vannorsdel


Julia Carder, Staff Reporter

Walking down the hall, sophomore Kaden Vannorsdel looks like any other student. But what you see, you can’t hear.

Possessing a passion for music unlike many students on campus, whether it’s posting a duet on Facebook with junior Kacie Lynch or performing with his band in a local venue, he is always expressing himself through his music.

“Music is how I express myself most accurately and just have fun,” Vannorsdel said.

“I really enjoy getting together with Kacie and just goofing around on the guitar and running through some songs,” Vannorsdel said. “It’s just a way to relax and have fun when I’m stressed.”

Continuing with his music career through high school is definitely a plan of his and he always wants to turn to music when he is just looking for a good time.

“Kaden is super talented and so fun to sing and play guitar with. I always look forward to goofing around with him,” Lynch said.

Be on the lookout for Kaden Vannorsdel because he is sure to go far and succeed in music.

“I definitely see Kaden succeeding in music,” Lynch said. “He is super talented and I know that he has a lot of friends and family there to support him.”