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Battle of the brains


Valedictorian. Most would find the honor too far-fetched to achieve, but that is not the case for seniors Macey Shay and Thomas Wang. Midway through the first semester, both have the title of valedictorian within their grasp.

Both candidates have GPAs above 4.6, and have been neck and neck in the race to be valedictorian since freshman year. In order to reach her goal, Shay performs at an optimum level every day.

“I always try to do my best work and study for tests,” Shay said.

Wang’s strategy in his strive for valedictorian consists of a more unconventional method.

“I drink lots and lots of blue Gatorade to recharge, refuel, and replenish.” Wang said. “Also, I buy each of my teachers a Lamborghini before Christmas as a way of saying, thanks man, you’re cool.”

Shay has always focused on more than just GPA and class rank in her desire to be number one. While he has wanted to be within the top ten, Wang was not planning on being quite as high in his ranking.

“It was just an accident. I meant to go for rank seven because it’s my favorite number, but overshot it a little and can’t seem to bring my GPA down fast enough,” Wang said.

These different approaches extend beyond the quest to be named valedictorian as both discuss college aspirations with some uncertainty.

“I haven’t decided where I’ll be going to college yet. I plan to study something in the humanities department,” Shay said.

With tongue firmly planted in check, Wang views post-graduation plans more casually.

“Quad C has a great nursing program I’m looking into. I think I may get a part-time job with McDonald’s as well since that means free mango-pineapple smoothies. Cha-ching!” Wang said.

While Wang is taking a light hearted approach to the class rank competition, Shay feels that working hard and learning as much as possible is always important. And regardless of who earns the valedictorian honor in the end, Shay will be satisfied with her endeavors.

“I’ll be happy and proud that I did my best work.” Shay said.


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