Mixed student reactions to PDA policy

Mary Duncanson, Staff Reporter

From holding hands in the hallways to a simple hug to kissing in-between classes, public displays of affection are hard to miss these days.  With the young couples being so involved it’s causing controversy between students and teachers.

“It’s a general rule no kissing and no long caressing holds,” Principle Gavan Goodrich, said, “It’s a business environment.”

Coming back into the swing of school, students may have neglected this rule. If participating in a sport such as Cheerleading, Majestics, Volleyball, and Basketball PDA has its consequences such as extra running, being benched, and/or removal from the team.

Students seem to be strongly opinionated about public displays of affection either there is too much, or they do not see it.

“I think it’s unnecessary,” senior Wade Walstad said. “It shouldn’t be shown in public as much as it is.”

Some couples choose not to show PDA while others choose to express their affection openly.  Some of the couples don’t understand why it offends some people.

“I just don’t see the problem,” junior Sydney Prendergast said. “I think people should see it as an inspiration for their future relationships.”

A majority of teachers seem to agree that some students are taking PDA too far, causing them to be distracted from their schoolwork.

“I really don’t think it’s appropriate to have kissing in the hallways. It’s not the right venue for that,” Coach Kyle Herrema said. “Some of the things I’ve seen in the hallways have gone too far, it would not have been appropriate when I was in school.”