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2016-2017 Staff

Hallie Fischer


Hallie (ha-lee) Fischer is a super-excited, kinda-tall, slightly-sarcastic writer who is more than ready to start her fourth and final year on staff as the editor-in-chief of The Red Ledger. She has loved The Red Ledger ever s...

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Jillian Sanders


Jillian Sanders is a senior, 18 years old, and a lover of many things. She loves writing, playing the piano, reading, being outside, Younglife, and choir. She was born in Arkansas, but got out of there and moved to Texas as soo...

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Caroline Smith


Caroline Smith is a senior who loves to travel, drink coffee, and eat snacks. Her favorite hot tea is Harney and Son’s “Hot Cinnamon Sunset,” which she loves to enjoy while wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy blanket and eating a bl...

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Mary Catherine Wells

Managing Editor

Straight outta Dallas, Mary Catherine Wells, or MC Wells, was born. She is a sixteen-year-old junior at Lovejoy High School, but she is often told she looks like a 10-year-old fifth grader. In cheerleading, she loves to fl...

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Nick Smith

Sports Editor

Nick Smith is a junior this year and is entering his second year on The Red Ledger. He began his journalistic career on whim from his brother who described newspaper as one of his favorite classes in high school, and now Nick ca...

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Parker Nolan

Photo Editor

Parker Nolan joined the Red Ledger in ninth grade and is now the paper’s photo editor. His hobbies include photography and making music, as he plays the guitar, drums, bass, and ukulele. His favorite movie is Jurassic Park, and his...

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Matthew Cinquepalmi

Multimedia Editor

Since joining The Red Ledger staff midway through the 2015-2016 school year, senior Matthew Cinquepalmi has loved every moment of his time as a videographer, and he accredits all of his knowledge to YouTube tutorials and the le...

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Hannah Ortega

Campus Life Editor

Junior Hannah Ortega is entering her third year on The Red Ledger staff and her fifth year as a journalist. Hannah’s mind is constantly swirling with ideas for novels and articles, and she hopes to one day be a published, successful...

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Will Anderson

Graphics Editor

Will Anderson is the graphics editor on the Red Ledger staff. He is an active participant in technical theatre and orchestra. He is interested in attending the University of Texas at Austin to study psychology. Will is famed for h...

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Cameron Stapleton

A&E Editor

Senior Cameron Stapleton is happy to embark on her first year as A&E editor, but not so happy that her Red Ledger career will be over in May. Stapleton has many interests, but has narrowed them down to the absolute best: vide...

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Shae Daugherty

Staff Reporter

Shae Daugherty loves makeup, overuses Netflix, loves animals, and is known for her sarcasm. Shae tends to stay inside, avoiding bugs and the Texas heat, but will not turn down a trip to the lake. On the off chance you do see he...

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Anna Stockton

Staff Reporter

Anna Stockton is a junior in high school and is entering into her first year on The Red Ledger staff. A Seattle girl born and raised, it's a scientific fact that her blood is 95% coffee and a true necessity to her every day func...

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Kelsey Carroll

Staff Reporter

After joining LeopardLife in eighth grade, Kelsey Carroll  knew she wanted to join The Red Ledger staff as a freshman. She is passionate about writing, photography, and messing with Photoshop. Aside from school, she enjoys s...

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Caleb Kwon

Staff Reporter

Caleb Kwon is in his final year at Lovejoy High School and his first year on The Red Ledger staff. After high school, he doesn’t know where he wants to go to college, what he wants to study, or what job he wants to work towards....

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Lily Hager

Staff Reporter

Lily Hager is involved in school through her extracurriculars of playing the flute and piccolo in the band and writing for The Red Ledger. She was born and raised in Texas by her parents with three siblings. Lily weighs school wo...

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Lulu Butler

Staff Reporter

Can’t find Lulu? She’s probably at dance, hanging with friends, or taking a nap. Lulu just moved to Lovejoy last year from Las Vegas, and she immediately fell in love with journalism. She is beyond excited to work on The R...

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Austin Keefer

Staff Reporter

Austin Keefer, better known as simply “Keefer,” is a sophomore in his first year on the newspaper staff. Of all he is known for, Austin is especially notorious for being politically incorrect. A fanatic of touchy topics such...

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Melody Quintero

Staff Reporter

Melody Quintero is an adventurous freshman who is ready to conquer high school and is excited to be joining in on the action in newspaper. She has some experience in writing and photography, but overall doesn’t do much as a ...

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Noah Van Hooser

Staff Reporter

Noah Van Hooser is a junior at Lovejoy High School who is returning to the Red Ledger after a brief hiatus. He is passionate about bringing Lovejoy students and community members pressing and relevant stories centered on athletics. ...

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Sophie Starnes

Staff Reporter

Sophie Starnes is a junior who is passionate about poetry, music, and peanut butter M&M’s. She loves to read and write, and her favorite book series of all time is Harry Potter. She taught herself how to play ukulele, an...

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Alexis Dubree

Staff Reporter

Alexis Dubree is a 15-year-old sophomore who has always had a passion for writing. Her Google Drive is filled with page upon page of documents containing stories that might never be truly finished. She loves music, and she plays ...

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Avery Degenhardt


Avery joined “Intro To Photography” in 8th grade with some curiosity, and she quickly learned the basics of photography and proceeded to gain advanced skills. She learned to love the craft, and along with her “secret”...

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Katie Felton

Staff Reporter

Junior Kathryn Felton, who prefers to be called Katie, is going on her third year of being a Red Ledger staff member. Katie is pretty much only involved in newspaper at school, but she does dabble a little in art. Outside of sch...

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Joe Cross

Staff Reporter

Rarely seen without at least one headphone in, this is former child prodigy, “internet sensation,” and Lovejoy junior Joe Cross’ first year as a Red Ledger staff member. After joining broadcast last year, he gained an interes...

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Joe Vastano

Staff Reporter

Joe Vastano is your average Joe. He is a sophomore who really likes sports, fishing, and running. Texas A&M is his favorite college so he cheers for them in any sport, especially football and basketball though. Joe has also...

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Caleb Stein

Staff Reporter

Caleb Stein is entering his junior year of high school, and he is very excited for his first year on the newspaper staff. Caleb is a typical “ten more minutes” person on most mornings, but instead of hitting snooze, he boldly tu...

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Drew Doig

Staff Reporter

Drew is a sophomore who enjoys sports, whether it is playing baseball on the diamond, or playing basketball on the court. This is his second year on staff, as he covered sports for The Red Ledger last year. Outside of school, Drew ...

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Grace Nguyen

Staff Reporter

If she’s not out on the softball field, writing hundreds of words for a story, or taking multiple pictures on her camera, also know as her pride and joy, Grace Nguyen is probably hanging out with her friends or dedicating her t...

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Blake Pfaff

Social Media

Entering his first year on The Red Ledger staff, senior Blake Pfaff will be the head honcho for all social media outlets. Blake is currently a member of the varsity football team, Spanish Club, and Student Council. A lover of...

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Madeline Sanders

Staff Reporter

As a swagtastic sixth grader at Sloan Creek, Madeline Sanders signed up for a class that she knew she would love and be involved with until she departed from her senior year of high school. That class was yearbook. However, sh...

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Shivani Radhakrishnan

Staff Reporter

Shivani Radhakrishnan first joined newspaper in Mrs. Sanders’ fourth period class in eighth grade. Now in her freshman year, she’s decided to stick with it due to her love of writing. She strongly believes in the fact that Draco...

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Zoe Allison

Staff Reporter

Daring, always laughing, and always listening to music are some things that describe freshman Zoe Allison. She doesn’t really have much talent except that she really likes taking pictures with her dandy camera and cleaning. ...

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Nicole Genrich

Staff Reporter

Nicole Genrich is a junior who is entering her second year as a member of The Red Ledger staff. She first found her passion for journalism when she starting sharing her opinion pieces on the site and enjoyed her photojournalism...

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Matthew Fisher

Staff Reporter

Matthew Fisher is a senior and plays point guard for the basketball team. He listens to classic rock and has a proud vinyl collection of over 55 records. He enjoys going out to watch the school’s sports teams and is currently u...

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Grant Doig

Staff Reporter

Grant Doig is a senior who spends most of his time in the classroom or on the baseball diamond. He enjoys all sports especially baseball, basketball, and football. This will be his first year on The Red Ledger staff and he is ...

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Gaby Garcia

Staff Reporter

Gaby Garcia is just your stereotypical high school kid- she’s always sleeping, eating, studying, working, and taking part in extracurriculars. One day, Gaby’s parents decided to have her move schools, which is how she ended...

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Carter Bryant

Staff Reporter

Carter Bryant is a senior who is a first year staff member of The Red Ledger. He joined because he wants to work as a photographer and cover stories students actually care about. His hobbies include photography, drawing, reading,...

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Mandy Halbert

Staff Reporter

Mandy is a senior this year, but she’s still just as afraid of high school hallways as she was as a freshman. But aside from that, she looks forward to all that comes with her last year. When she’s not stressed about appl...

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Hannah D’Iorio

Staff Reporter

Hannah D’Iorio, a freshman, is a new staff reporter on The Red Ledger. Hannah first joined newspaper in seventh grade, and in eighth grade she became the Assistant Editor of LeopardLife. Hannah has been doing competitive cheerleadi...

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