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Doug’s Disney Chronicles

Did you know my very first word as a human being was Disney? It’s true! Many hours upon hours of my childhood was spent riveted by the wondrous films Disney had created. Since those days, I’ve remained a massive disney fanboy, always on the lookout for news on their upcoming features, always there on opening day for their newest films and always open to singing one of the many wonderful Disney songs that I can never forget (all together now! Somehow I’ll… Make A Man….OUT OF YOU!!!)

But why is it that Disney movies have been so ingrained into the pop culture zeitgeist? How is it that every generation seems to know about flying elephants and royal lions? Well, I honestly believe it’s one simple element: quality storytelling. Whether it’s the 1949 feature “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Crane” or “Wreck-It Ralph”, they all share the common thread of plots that are overflowing with lovable characters, relatable situations mixed in with fantastical elements and moments of exemplary drama and humor. Over the course of 53 films, Walt Disney Animation Studios have created among the greatest stories ever told and I doubt that any of them will be forgotten anytime soon.

Just as a brief footnote before we continue forward; in this series I’ll be solely covering films from Walt Disney Animation Studios. That means no films from Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away), PIXAR (Toy Story), DisneyToon Studios (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride) or other assorted animated features from Disney (i.e. The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Wild)

With those thoughts and disclaimers out of the way, shall we continue onto this whole new world? With its new fantastic points of view and all such things? Let’s go!


Part One: 1937-1948

Part Two: 1949-1971

Part Three: 1973-1991

Part Four: 1992-2000

Part Five: 2001-2012

The online student news source of Lovejoy High School..
Doug’s Disney Chronicles