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Hallie Fischer
Hallie (ha-lee) Fischer is a super-excited, kinda-tall, slightly-sarcastic writer who is more than ready to start her fourth and final year on staff as the editor-in-chief of The Red Ledger. She has loved The Red Ledger ever since she was accidently put into newspaper in seventh grade, and after 12 years in the Lovejoy district, Hallie is very excited to be a #SE17IOR.

When Hallie graduates, she would like to attend Southern Methodist University to study business and finance to start her career. Other than stress-planning her future, Hallie enjoys working out, being outside, doing various adventurous activities, and just enjoying life as a teenager in Fairview, TX.
Although she dearly misses her 2015-2016 staff friends (Julia, CJ, & Kevin), Hallie is ready to kick butt alongside her right-hand wo(man) Mary Catherine (MC) Wells. The two are prepared to create art (writing and some drawings) to pump up 4th period newspaper and continue The Red Ledger legacy. Although they are separated by a mere 45 minutes, the three editor-in-chiefs of the greatest newspaper in the high school, Jillian, Caroline, and Hallie herself, are more than ready to make their 2016-2017 senior year one for the books.

Hallie Fischer, Editor-in-Chief

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